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why it ended et cætera

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i think that this band project is the first time where i tried to form a band from scratch. before that, the only integrated bands or created bands with people I knew personally and I rarely was the man in the initiative of things; that time, this was my idea, my concept of something i thought would work for shows and a way to express myself tied to what i was then.

but i had to find other musicians, so i wrote a nice advertising with the first logotype of that band project and put it in a music store; and, guess what? nothing! so i relayed it on the internet and the only answer i got was from a guitar player i already knew and that shared my taste in another metal genre; but… i don't remember if it came up on an informal discution or if the advertising was not clear enough or what ever, but, when i explained him about the type of vocals i wanted, he replayed me something like: “i hate this kind of vocals, sorry but this will be without me” and that was all that ever happend. then, i recorded what's on the music section thinking that this would help finding people, but no (indeed this might be before i got in touch with this friend about that, i don't really remember, but i don't think so). as a matter of fact, after eleven months, all i got was a few lyrics, a song that waited for a guitar solo player to be finished, some sketches of other compositions (or even just one, i don't remember), a website and above all i was still alone, so i accepted that i failed creating that band and moved on to other things.

i must also point out that i thought that this band would be anonymous, that was part of the concept but i did a few mistakes about that, so, there's a bunch of people knowing who “herald” is (and who might also know who “webjester” is, by the way).

i thought a bunch of time about taking back this band project, even as a one-man project, that's why, in the very begining of 2020, i removed all the lyrics but those of one song (because i didn't agreed anymore with what i wrote) and why i changed the lyrics of the only remaining one (that is the one that correspond to the music in the “music” section, but, quite frankly, it's by chance that those lyrics almost still corresponded to my mindset) and that's also why the website still evolved after more then fifteen years. i just thought that i would change the name to make it a french only band (because my not so bad english is just not good enough and because i prefer to explain myself in my mother tongue).

but now, in early 2021 (february ninth as i write those lines), it is defenetely over, i won't comeback to that band project for sure: what happened recently changed a lot of things and I'm just no more into some things that are intrinsically tied to that band project, i just think that this would not be anymore and ever the right way to fight for the causes i want to fight for.

i don't think anyone would expect a come back of this band project anyway, so, i don't feel sorry about it at all.

the only regret i have is the sound of the only recording and the way it was done, i might do another version, not a good one with real instruments et cætera, but a better one anyway and, most of all, one that would be made with free softwares and free sounds (to tell the truth, back then, i didn't thought that it would be possible to do it with free softwares and, even though, the sounds banks were certainly worst then the one used for that recording); that's all i think about doing in some future.

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Herald is a musician that has been active in the belgian metal scene from the mid-1990s to the mid-2010s. he sings and play guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard. he also took part to a “medieval court”.

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