The faceless knights

the faceless knights' music

Only one piece has been recorded; moreover, it has just been programmed on a synthesizer and not played on real instruments (as a result, sounds are of poor quality, particularly the guitars with distorsion sound). this also means that this is made with a sounds bank and a software that are non-free (those used by this synthesizer), this is the only exception in this website concerning that topic.

to tell the truth, the aim of this recording, at the beginning, was to give an idea of how the band's music would sounds like to the musicians that would be interested by it (so, there was no need of a good recording).

the band never being formed, this recording is finaly available on this website.

you can listen to it on streaming in the compressed ogg vorbis format:

you might also download it in the flac format:

herald's note:

i wanted to compose only for one guitar leaving to the solo guitar player as much freedom as possible but there is a lead from approximatly 1 minute and 11 secondes to approximatly 1 minute and 36 secondes that i composed just because the idea of it came to my mind while listening to the song and i let it thinking i would explain to the solo guitar player that he might keep it or not.